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  • Menu - Pasta and Risotto

    Spaghetti Bolognise - our superb rich meat sauce
    For the traditional- made according to an Old Italian recipe. $21.00
    Spaghetti Napolitana
    Slowly cooked heirloom tomato and basil sauce with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil. $19.00
    Spaghetti Marinara
    Prawns, mussels and calamari and scallops complimented with a touch of garlic, white wine and Napolitana sauce. $27.00
    Fettucini Carbonara
    Bacon, eggs, cheese and a hint of garlic with a touch of cream. $22.00
    Fettucini Matriciana
    Fettucini tossed with bacon, spring onion and garlic with a hint of chili and Napolitana sauce. $22.00
    Ravioli Al Primavera
    Ricotta ravioli served with zucchini, pumpkin, roasted capsicum, baby spinach and a touch of Napolitana sauce. $22.00
    Penne Di Campagnia
    Penne tossed with broccoli, sultanas, olives and garlic with extra virgin olive oil. $22.00
    Pumpkin Mezzaluna
    Roasted pumpkin ravioli served with a creamy Napolitana sauce, pumpkin, spinach, leek and parmesan cheese. $22.00
    Gnocchi Al Pesto
    Homemade potato gnocchi with fresh basil pesto. $22.50
    with Chicken $25.00
    Tortellini Alfredo
    Beef filled tortellini tossed with a combination of chicken, forest mushrooms and garlic in a creamy sauce. $22.00
    Gluten free - Spiral Pasta with a choice of any of the above sauces
    Linguini with Meatballs
    Homemade bite size beef meatballs in a Napolitana sauce with herbs and spinach. $23.00
    Fresh pasta sheets layered with a rich meat and tomato sauce, herbs, cheese and Bechamel sauce,
    topped with fresh parmesan. $23.00
    Homemade baked pasta roll filled with a mix of meat, cheese, spinach, ham and eggs,
    covered with rich Bechamel and Bolognese sauce. $23.00
    Vegetarian Canneloni
    Homemade pasta roll filled with spinach and ricotta cheese baked in Bechamel and Napolitana sauce. $23.00
    Chicken and Vegetable Risotto
    Diced sauteed chicken with garlic, mixed forest mushrooms and vegetables in a creamy white wine and basil pesto sauce. $23.00